Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Turbo Fire!! March 10th Start-up!

I got the date wrong yesterday for my first day Turbo Fire Prep schedule.  It is Saturday March 10th.  My first scheduled class is Fire 30 Class followed by a Stretch 10 Class.

Revised Prep List:

  • Print the Turbo Fire 9 week preparation schedule to stick beside my calendar at home. DONE
  • Find my self-inking smiley face stamp to mark the schedule daily once the workout is accomplished. ( I am very visual and like to see progress)
  • Purchase a sort of splitter to connect my DVD player and PS3 player in my old television. (The reason being that my son brings his PS3 to his Dad's place) DONE
  • Find my workout/food journal to track my progress. Found track sheets on BeachBody site instead!
  • Move my microwave to the small counter by the refrigerator to make space for my Magic Bullet (easier access to make morning protein shakes AND prevent me from stuffing bills between wall and microwave which ends up looking messy) DONE (just have to go through the mound of paper now)
  • Make space in the basement to workout in (minimal furniture moving) 
  • Calculate my calorie consumption according to the Turbo Fire Formula 
  • Get more frozen fruit to add to my shakes

Knitting Update

The Owlie Cardigan is almost off my needles.  I have to re-calculate the stitches cast on for the right buttonhole band to add up to 44 like the left button band.  :o)  Next is the yarn dilemna... yep.  I ran out to make the hat!  Fortunately, the place where I bought it from still sells it.  Now I might just add booties to it too because I'll have too much for just a hat alone!

My Aunt Claire's first sock is just about ready to decrease for the toe.  I'll post a picture this weekend... it might be finished by then with the second sock cast on.

Today, I am knitting with my downtown group at lunch time.  This will give me the chance to make progress on the above mentioned sock.

Speaking of socks, I have yet to knit one pair for myself.  I wanted to knit some for my sisters as well as knit some for my cousin Diane (her dog ate the heel off one sock of the pair I knitted for her).  My goal is to have a pair for myself sometime this summer.

Sunday, I am looking forward to knitting with my West end group at a nice crêpe place.  Last time I was there, I opted for their fresh fruit salad instead and loved it!

House ToDo List

Summer for me is a time to totally relax and be stress-free.  My wish is to accomplish all the following projects so my summer can be enjoyable.

  • Paint my daughter's room purple
  • Make a DIY headboard for my daughter's room
  • Install shelves in my daughter's room and hang prints
  • Find a theme for my son and get his room painted
  • Install shelves in my son's room
  • Separate son's bunkbeds to twin beds and store one of them
  • Paint my room
  • Get a desk to create a work area in my room
  • Get a bookshelf to organise my knitting books in my room
  • Get ceiling fan removed from my room
  • Install outdoor lights (Been in garage new in box for two years!)
  • Stain backyard deck (apply deckwash first).
This is my Spring list.  I'll do up another list for the Fall which involves more painting and a little renovating.

I have my work cut out for me for the next three months and this must NOT impede on my workout schedules because I will need the energy the workouts will give me.

The Sarcastic Klicker


knitjo said...

Wow, you are on fire! I made a headboard...super easy--it took about 2 hours.

SarcasticKlicker said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope I get to see you on Sunday. Maybe I can ask you about that headboard you made? :o)