Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Baby Bump...

The baby shower!!!  How could I forget about mentioning the Baby Shower I attended last weekend??  Must be due to the fact that I am lost in a mound of paper this week... both at home and at work.

Shopping for baby clothes and products lightens my mood.  When I was browsing through the baby bibs, socks, pj's and other things, I couldn't make a decision on what to buy.  Everything is so tiny and cute!  There was also the question of not knowing the sexe of the baby.  I've always bought things for babies that are different in color than the usual pastel colors.  I bought things in bright oranges and yellow in a 6 month size so the baby can fit in it this summer.

Walking in the door of the expectant parents' house I was shocked to see how much this baby had grown in a month!  My friend is not due until April 9th (I think that is the date) and she looks like she is due now!  The baby bump is popping out!  Many friends showed up for the baby shower and I was happy for them because they are such a deserving hard-working and kind hearted couple.  This is baby number three for Mommy and baby number one for Daddy.

My hand knits were not completed yet to give to her but I did work on them while I was there and caught the undivided attention of two young girls.  One is the 11yr old daughter of the mother to be who already "knew" how to knit and she quickly ran to her bedroom to grab her knitting and proudly showed me her craft.  I immediately noted that her knit stitch was done through the back loop.  I corrected her and then she asked me to show her how to do the purl stitch.  The second young girl was around 8 or 9 years old.  The 11yr old got a set of spare needles and some yarn for her and I taught the new student how to cast on and knit.  She was such a quick learner!  Teaching kids how to knit, specially when the interest is there, is a lot of fun!!

I have no pics of anything because it's all still in the camera.  I'm hoping to update pictures by this weekend.

I do have a question for all you Moms out there.  What is the most useful or unique gift you received at your baby shower?

Now...  I need to get outside for some air.  It was 10 degrees celcius when I woke up this morning!  AWESOME spring weather!

The Sarcastic Klicker

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