Friday, 24 February 2012

Waiting For It

This mega snowstorm is forecasted to dump 10cm of snow today and another 5-10cm overnight tonight.  Being a nervous driver in snow, I planned ahead and came in the office quite early this morning in the hopes of being able to leave early should the roads get really bad.  So far, no snow and it's 11h00am, as you can see on the Parliament Hill webcam, it's cloudy but still no precipitation.

My plans for tonight?  Shovelling, food preparation for the weekend and knitting the night away.

I finished the heel flap on my sock and now I'll pick up the stitches at the side of the heel before the bus ride after work.  This is easier done while in a stationary spot rather than a moving bus.  It is doable but slower.

Have a great weekend!  I'm hopping to post pictures of finished projects sometime this weekend.

The Sarcastic Klicker

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