Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Procrastinating Klicker

Working better under pressure is uaually my thing... this is due to being a procrastinator.  The baby shower is Saturday and I have yet to finish the Owlie Cardigan I started and I still have a hat to knit too.  AND not to mention  Oh well, I managed to get cupboards and counters cleaned last night instead of knitting and then was shocked to find out that American Idol was airing last night.

With the exception of the first two or three seasons, I've never really watched the show.  But the guys this year have amazing talent!  My favorite is Joshua Ledet.   This guy can sing!

Tonight, I will hunker down while the predicted snow storm blows around tonight.  Yes... another 10-15cm of the white stuff is coming our way with high winds.  This means staying up late to keep up with the shovelling.  Check out the pic of the satellite from Environment Canada.  See the huge blob of orange?  THAT is coming our way.

This time, every year, I long for this place.


2005 was the year.  My first southern destination ever in Cuba at the Blau Colonial resort.  I long to go again... I miss the people, the music and dance.  Mexico didn't have that when I travelled there last year.  I connect with people and music.  Just a sun, heat and a beach is not enough for me.  It has to have culture and Cuba oozes it!

Off to warm up my lunch... I am unusually hungry today.

The Sarcastic Klicker

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