Thursday, 9 February 2012

Problems/Possible Solutions

Problem - Lack of motivation to get to the gym.

Reason - Afraid of the stress it involves in the evening where I have to rush to do everything else and then get no relax time to knit
Possible Solutions - Waking up earlier in the morning to get things ready for dinner in the crockpot, getting the kids to do dishes while I go to the gym, be back home by 8:30pm to have time to knit.

Problem - Kids have a lack of responsibility and are messy (12yr old son and 16yr old daughter)
Reason - They don't have a set chores list and that's my fault
Possible Solution - Create a chores list for each day of the week and give strict consequences if they are not done. Such as no outings on the weekends, no t.v. in the evenings, give extra chores.

Problem - No money
Reason - Only one salary coming in
Possible Solution - Don't really have one yet... I don't shop (expect for groceries), I don't use credit cards (I am a total believer that if you don't have the cash, you don't buy it... except for my house and car) , my knitting budget is a mere $50 a month (cheap hobby) and we don't eat out. My electricity bill is pretty low... cost of living is going up drastically. I've already cut down on buying coffee at break and joined the work coffee club at $5 per month for unlimited amounts of coffee. I could begin designing knitting but refer to outdated technical equipment. Getting a second evening or weekend job.

Problem - Things around the house need to be fixed/updated. Windows, install outdoor lights, leaky faucet in bathtub, lighting fixtures in hallways and bedrooms, toilets replaced by water saving ones
Reason - Refer to no money problem
Possible Solution - Getting a second source of revenue.

Problem - Outdated or lack of technology (1999 computer, no printer, no wireless internet, no digital camera, no cell phone or Iphone or Android, no external drive to store pictures)
Reason - Lack of money
Possible Solution - Getting a second source of revenue.

A second job is an option but, do I want to sacrifice the time with my kids. Yes they are older but I feel that being home benefits them and gives us more opportunities to talk and be together.

I've thought of using my knitting for profitable ideas but I need a digital camera and updated computer/laptop to keep up with others.

Off to create a chores list for the kids... I'll start with that.

The Sarcastic Klicker

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