Friday, 3 February 2012

The NOT so Yarn Diet

This year, I decided to knit a lot of things from my yarn stash.  To feel a little more organised, I also inventoried a lot of my stash on Ravelry, a Godsend of a website that lets me keep track of my knitting projects, stash my yarn in pictures and my own library of books and most of all, interact with many knitters from all over the world!  My stash is not even 50% organised on the website yet and I have 52 different yarns inventoried.  EEK!  The yarn hoarding is much worse than I thought.

To remedy a little of the problem, I've updated my projects and also queued some and referenced them to yarns in my stash.  In addition, I've made a pact with myself not to buy more yarn until the stash dwindles a lot.  Two exceptions to this rule... I can still get sock yarn or accept yarn that is donated to me for free.

Today, I am meeting a knitting friend who bought the last of this discontinued Boot Sock yarn:

I am buying two skeins off of her in these colors!  It's a happy day.  A yarn day!

The Sarcastic Klicker


Lynne said...

Heh :) Glad I could feed your addiction ;)

SarcasticKlicker said...

I know just what to make with it too! :o) That little baby cardi by the cash at KK! :o)