Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The News Left Me Speechless

I'm always behind in the news.  Specially when it happens on the weekend because I hardly ever use my computer at home.

Yesterday, I logged into Ravelry and learned the awful news that my favorite LYS (Knit Knackers) is relocating far away from me.  I was shocked... speechless.  My happy lunchtime spot will be gone.  My happy spot to relieve me of stress at the office, to run and get something I need quickly for a project and most importantly to see the smiling faces who greet me every week will no longer be.

On a brighter note, my weekend was very very productive in knitting.  I finished the Demne hat, I cast on a newborn owlie baby sack and finished it.  I also cast on a baby cardigan and am knitting the owlie pattern on the bottom.  I'm hoping to have pictures soon!

Last Saturday evening, dinner at Rosalynn's was awesome.  Chicken Parmesian with linguine and a fresh salad.  Kudos to the chef!  They offer catering as well!  As mentioned in a previous post, if you are ever in Rockland, stop by the place for dinner.  You won't be disappointed.  Home made pasta too!

On the bus, I have started something with my sock knitting that might just be more detrimental than good.  I've been trying to knit as fast as I can and see how many rounds I can accomplish on the way to work.  Now my sock is getting the good side of this as it has grown almost four inches in the last two bus rides.  But I noticed that trying to beat the number of rounds I did the day before is actually stressful!  I curse when the bus hits a bump, or when I have to let go of my needles to pull more yarn out or when the bus misses a stop because no one is getting off or on... This all affects the number of rounds I do.  So far, my record is 11.5 rounds in one bus ride which is approximately 30 minutes.  This morning, I lost a stitch and almost flipped!  But the driver seemed to sense that as he made the next stop longer than usual which made up for lost time.  I think I shall stop this little race knitting because my relaxing hobby is turning into a stressful one on the bus.  It is quite addicting though!

Since I did not have a chance to upload some pictures over the weekend, I'll post a project which I finished a while back but had never photographed until recently.  Access to a digital camera and a faster computer than my dinosaur at home is a pain.  Unless the tax man gives me a huge surprise refund, those things are not necessities at the moment.

The bright green gives me hope that Spring is just around the corner.  The pattern is called Let's Go Shopping - Market Bag and is a quick project to finish.  I love the bottom swirl on the bag which is where you actually begin knitting it.  In fact, I have cotton in bright pinks and blues to complete two more.  My daughter has dibs on one of them.  One thing I did not expect was for the bag to be so stretchy once you add weight to it.  My next bag will have a shorter handle because this current one hits my bum when I walk which is quite annoying.

The Sarcastic Klicker

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