Monday, 6 February 2012

Demne... will the story end?

My weekend was enjoyable and relaxing.  So much so that I might even call it lazy.

Friday, I checked out the canal during a lunchtime walk.  The weather was perfect for it too!

Photo courtesy of Andrée Lise Photography

According to the news this morning, Winterlude's first weekend was a success in our Nation's Capital.  I'll be lacing up my old skates this coming weekend to induldge in a Beavertail.  A sweet tasty traditional Winterlude treat which I enjoy in the original brown sugar/cinnamon flavor.

The evening on Friday brought pretty lazy snowflakes to the scene which I watched from the Café Latte Cino, where I met my knitting friends.  Meanwhile, my daughter was on a "date".  According to her it was "No Mom!!  It's NOT a date!"  Yeah... I know... it's not a date.  Specially when I picked her up and she was giggling with her friend in the back seat and whispering things about him and texting wildly on the ride home.  Her friend kept asking, "What did he say?  What did he say?"

Saturday morning, at 6h30am, I was getting ready for an Aquafit Bootcamp class at my local YMCA.  Getting in cold water in the middle of winter is not my idea of fun.  This was a special occasion.  My sisters, my Mom and I were doing this class together.  I managed to get my body in a swimsuit and didn't look in the mirror.  I quickly shaved in the essential parts, had a coffee and a banana and was in the pool before i could turn back, BEFORE Mom and my sisters!

We acted like a bunch of brats.  We shoved each other, yelled at each other to push harder, jump higher, run faster and swatted each other with noodles and flutter boards.  Did we work out, you ask?  Oh yeah, we worked out.  HARD!  I'm still not a pool person though.  I would rather do my boot camp in the gym. 

We then went out to a restaurant for breakfast to celebrate my sister's birthday.  My breakfast omelette and potatoes quickly struck out any good the workout had done for me.

Once my house was cleaned up and dinner was cleared up, my laziness began with a nice glass of red wine and the Demne cardi.  I was determined to finish it that evening.  By 9:30pm, the workout, cleaning and wine had done me in and I was snoring away on the sofa.

Sunday dawned a beautiful one with the sound of a whining feline wanting to be fed and a whimpering pooch wanting to pee.  Once the animals were happy, I brewed some fresh coffee, turned on the music and settled at my dining room table to work on Demne.  My two legged children were not going to be up an about for another couple of hours and therefore I would have time to get some knitting done.

By late morning, the house was smelling of maple flavored bacon and crêpes, yet Demne was not complete.

I watched two movies on television, put a roast beef and veggies in the oven, and knit to my heart's content.  Still Demne was not completed.  Two more hours of knitting and this little puzzled cardi was sitting on needles.

I was SURE to have it on my completed list!!  All this sitting and knitting left me feeling quite lazy.  Beginning at 7:30pm tonight, working on the Demne will continue until late.  You know the feeling when you read an exciting book and you flip and flip and flip the pages to finish it?  This is how I feel.

The Sarcastic Klicker

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Lynne said...

It was nice to see the two of you on Friday :) I love the pic!

Boot camp in the gym hm...? Would you be willing to teach a newbie the ropes (not bootcamp style though... my quads are still burning from Sunday's misadventures).