Sunday, 12 February 2012

Demne - The End... or Almost

Yesterday, I finished knitting the Demne cardigan.  I was left with a gazillion ends to weave in.  Yes, for such a small little item, there was many many ends.

Today, I weaved and weaved.  Finally, it is completed!

Weaving is my nemesis.  I despise it.  Now I can focus on casting on for the hat.  This should be quick.  Well, it HAS to be quick.  The baby was born early on January 30th and it was due today.  I want her to receive it this week.

Yesterday, we skated on the canal.  It was somewhat a rude awakening.  The canal was lined with cracks in the ice.  Yes.  Deep cracks where a skate blade can get lodged and totally throw you off balance.  My skating speed has slowed down dramatically and I was carefully negotiating every crack in my way.  Stepping over them, side-stepping, hopping... I'm thinking my old figure skates were not well sharpened either.  I didn't want to risk lacing up my newer hockey skates which I bought three years ago believing I could learn to skate like a hockey player.  Hmmmm... you stand up straight on those things and you land on your ass pretty quickly.  They've not been on the canal yet, just in hockey arenas about three times.  The ice is softer there.

In the end, the canal experience was good.  We skated four kilometres, enjoyed a beavertail and some hot chocolate.  We even won prizes at the OLG booth (ok... an ice scraper for the car and a mini flashlight.).  The ice sculptures were beautiful and we got to see them just as darkness was falling.  They were lit up in pretty colors.

I have no pictures as I didn't want to risk bringing the expensive camera on the ice.

The week begins tomorrow with a renewed vow to enter the gym once again.

First, I need to cast on that little Demne hat, which I cannot wait.  This will give me instant knitting gratification!

The Sarcastic Klicker

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Lynne said...

Not surprised the ice surface sucked. It was WARM on Thursday and Friday (like above freezing warm). When you combine that with a few nights at -20, the ice cracks and buckles all over the place. GLad you didn't hurt yourself!