Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Common Occurence Lately...

Woke up to an icy wonderland again this morning.  I knew that I had to rush but one positive thing was the fact that the school buses were cancelled and we didn't have to make lunches.  In the last month or so, freezing rain warnings which follow a small accumulation of snow is a weekly ritual in Ottawa.  Now I know why my left arm is larger than my right by a quarter inch!  Scraping the ice of a car builds muscle and being right handed, the right arm is getting the workout and not the left one.

Turbo Fire Update

Fail.  Postponed to a later post whenever my body and mind are in the mood for the challenge.

Knitting Update

This year, my goal to knit more is really becoming a reality.  The Demne Cardigan is about 75% completed.  I'm putting a rush on this one as the baby is due shortly.  In fact, the neighbor's car has not been in the driveway all week and I am worried that the baby is already here!  This pattern has me hooked.  You follow it row by row, joining pieces as you go along and it is not boring me because you never know what comes next!

Let's go back to my project list for 2012 which I have updated a little:

1 - WIP began in Dec. 2011 - One-Skein Wonder Baby Sweater (Fighting with button flaps)

2 - WIP began in Aug. 2011 - Yarn Harlot Sock Recipe socks forAunt Gisele - COMPLETED
3 - WIP began in Dec. 2011 - Mosaic Scarf for my daughter
4 - From Stash purchased in 2010 - Clapotis
5 - From Stash purchased in early 2011 - Demne cardi and hat for neighbor who is pregnant - 75% done
6 - From Stash purchased in early 2011 - Yarn Harlot Sock Recipe socks for Aunt Claire - Ribbing completed on first sock!
7 - From Stash purchased in 2010 - Yarn Harlot Sock Recipe socks for ME
8 - From Stash purchased in 2009 - Decimal for ME
9 - Star shaped pillow - a WIP from 2009
10 - Baby something for friend who is expecting in April.
11 - Shetland Shorty - yarn purchased in 2009.
12 - Not yet determined... Something with Briggs & Little yarn purchased in 2005..

Now,  I also need to get a move on with my daughter's scarf.  Winter will be over soon!

After putting some stash on inventory in Ravelry, I concluded that something needs to be done with the load of Briggs & Little yarn I have.  This has been in my stash since 2005 and that is the year when my pattern books and stash started going a little out of control.  It is definitely the time for it to be used.

Here are a couple of patterns I found that were knit by others in Briggs & Little Heritage and turned out really nice!:


The Sarcastic Klicker

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