Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Look Ahead in Knitting

Yesterday's post was short for a reason.  My knowledge to link pictures from my Flickr account to here is NIL.

Let's try this again.

Last year at this time I was over excited and stressed because I was getting ready to go here:

Three of my aunts and a cousin are departing tomorrow on a southern holiday and it reminded me of my trip to Riviera Maya last year.  I long to just book a flight and head south.

If I close my eyes, I can picture this view from my balcony and the sound of the crashing waves... the smell of the tropical fruit in my drink, the feeling of the sun basking me in warmth and sand between my toes.

I look out the window today and a snowstorm has just begun.  Up to 10cm of the stuff followed by freezing rain and ice pellets and finishing off with a flash freeze tonight.

Knitting update

I cast on a new pair of socks for my aunt (yes... one who is flying south).  I've knit socks for everyone but myself.  My cousin, three of my aunts, my Mom, my son, my daughter, etc.  These socks are in vibrant pinks from Drops Fabel sock yarn.  This is adding a burst of color to today's winter storm.

On February 4th, I will be visiting the Just Knitting shop in Carleton :Place and will have the pleasure of meeting the person behind Indigo Dragonfly hand dyed yarns.  Since I am on a yarn diet (not purchasing yarn for an unlimited amount of time until my half full closet full is mostly used up), I will focus on just purchasing sock yarn for myself.

This little baby cardigan is the next item to finish (hopefully tonight).  The pattern is out of the One-Skein-Wonder book.  I have been fighting with the button flap, which is not part of the pattern at all but I wanted to add my own little touch.  THIS is where the linking the photo in Flickr comes into play... argh!

Baby boy cardi 1 by sarcasticklicker

Hmmm... got the picture up but it was not as easy as I thought it would be.

Let's get back to knitting... Here is a list of 12 projects I plan to knit this year to help reduce my yarn stash.  This yarn has to be 6 months or older.  Some projects have been on my to do list since 2009!

1 - WIP began in Dec. 2011 - One-Skein Wonder Baby Sweater (Fighting with button flaps)

2 - WIP began in Aug. 2011 - Yarn Harlot Sock Recipe socks for my aunt - COMPLETED
3 - WIP began in Dec. 2011 - Mosaic Scarf for my daughter
4 - From Stash purchased in 2010 - Clapotis
5 - From Stash purchased in early 2011 - Baby set for neighbor who is pregnant
6 - From Stash purchased in early 2011 - Yarn Harlot Sock Recipe socks for another aunt - Begun!
7 - From Stash purchased in 2010 - Yarn Harlot Sock Recipe socks for ME
8 - From Stash purchased in 2009 - Decimal for ME
9 - Star shaped pillow - a WIP from 2009
10 - Baby something for friend who is expecting in April.
11 - Shetland Shorty - yarn purchased in 2009.
12 - Not yet determined... I'll have to go back to my stash.

The Sarcastic Klicker

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