Saturday, 28 January 2012

NHL AllStars Town

Once in a lifetime I get to be part of this great NHL event!  The All Star Game is in our town of Ottawa!  The Fan Fair was at the new Convention Centre downtown.  Yes, I went with my boyfriend and my son, BUT I brought my knitting bag in anticipation of many hours of waiting in line-ups for hopeful signatures from hockey pros.

Yes, we waited in line, but really for nothing.  There was no hockey pros to be seen today.  Many booths with hockey memorabilia for sale and lots of opportunities to practise your slap shot.

We did get to see the Stanley Cup without having to wait in line for a picture.  Thank God for zoom lenses!

Then I got to see my Jeremy suit up in an NHL hockey uniform!

While walking back to our car, we stopped by the canal to admire the scenery from Adirondack chairs.

And we got proof that we were at the All Star Game!  Okay... it was Fan Fair but 20 years from now, who will know?

Now this is hockey where it's meant to be.... on ice!

His favorite team!

Our Home Team!

Knitting Update

January 31st is our Kanata Knit Morning Group's third year anniversary.  We are celebrating with a potluck and some de-stashing of yarn, books and tools.

Currently on my needles is Demne, a baby cardigan.  The recipient is due in February and I am quite taken with this pattern.  At first, it felt like a puzzle but as I kept knitting, it started making sense!  This is my progress so far.

Yes... it still looks like a puzzle... I know.  It will come together though!  :o)

The Sarcastic Klicker

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knitjo said...

Monday morning at the airport proved to have lots of fan fare with Don Cherry and loads of the hockey players...they don't mean much to me as I never see them without their helmets or all sweaty in mid and post game interviews. I did recognize the guy in the Advil commercial Jarome Iginla.