Tuesday, 24 January 2012

January Rain

Living in Ottawa, you never know what Mother Nature has in store for you.  It was pouring rain yesterday evening and my driveway was transformed into a skating rink.  My arms are still sore from scraping away at the ice.  My salt bag was empty and I had not anticipated running to four stores in our lovely town to discover that no one had any salt left.  Canadian Tire removed all their shovels and salt bags from the shelves and replaced it all by garden soil and garden tools!  Not sure where people plan to make gardens at this time of year.  Really!  CANADIAN TIRE of all business should know about our winters... unless they know something I don't.  Could Spring be happening next week?

Today is overcast as well but a welcome change from the -25 degrees we were getting over the weekend.  This picture is from the Mooney's Bay Webcam.

Knitting Update

I have to say that I am mighty proud of these accomplishments.

Baby Cardigan is completed!

My Aunt Gisèle's socks are off the needles as well!

My Aunt Claire's socks are still at the ribbing for now.  Lately, my bus rides have been spent burried in a book which decreases knitting time. 

The next project is called Demme.  I fell in love with this little cardi and its recipient is my neighbor's daughter who is expected to make her appearance next month..

TurboFire Update

Yes, my TurboFire plan is underway.  My eating habits were cleaned up in the last three weeks and I was rewarded with a loss of 4 pounds!

The 9 week preparation schedule for TurboFire will help me be ready for the actual 90 day challenge.  My workout tonight is a 40 minute stretch DVD.  To tell you the truth, that is a wimp workout.  That's why I'll drag my butt to the gym tonight and visit my old friend the Elliptical Cross trainer and get re-acquainted for a half hour or so.

Back to work I go... lunchtime is over already.

The Sarcastic Klicker.

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knitjo said...

Wow! need to get on some kind of motivational kick also...yoga studio is a short walk away, but unlike a gym, there has to be a class at the right time...