Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Butt Saga

My fitness DVD library is quite extensive.  Yes, I have Kathy Smith, Jillian Michaels, a few dance fitness ones, yoga, pilates, etc.  My latest purchase was last fall.  TurboFire by Beachbody.  My attempt at beginning the 90 day challenge has been good.  My success rate at completing the challenge is NIL.

With a six week fail of going to the gym starting in December and a 100% success at wolfing down every baked Christmas goodie around the house, my shock was staring me in the face last week.  My butt.  It is bigger, flabby and gravity is calling its name BIG TIME!

Coincidentally, a Beachbody coach began tweeting me last week.  Her motivational quotes really inspired me.  This week, she asked me to be part of her team.  How exciting is that?  I accepted her invitation!

With the TurboFire box in hand, I read the books from cover to cover last night.  I'm ready!  It's a 9 week pre-workout schedule and then a 90 day intense workout schedule.

TurboFire Plan

Monday, January 23 at 5am is my start day.

My goals?  A sexy bikini body, a new pair of skinny jeans and a loss of 20lbs.

Sunday evening, I'll be taking pics, measurements and a Fitness test so I can fill it out on my Beachbody profile and track my progress to success.

Knitting Updated

I finished those button bands on that baby cardi.  Only the buttons left to sew on.

My aunt's socks have a few rows of ribbing done.

I burried myself in my stash again last night and inventoried my Briggs & Little stash.  Hmmm... I could whip out quite a few things from there!

I found this awesome shrug from Patons!

It will look great in the Briggs & Listtle Heritage in the Mulberry color.  :o)

The Sarcastic Klicker

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