Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Un poco de español cada día!

For the last five years or so, I've been learning Spanish on my own. Why? The explanation is not quite clear. There is a force that pulls me towards the Latin American culture... the language... the dance... the music. It warms my heart and makes me happy... food for my soul. It's a mystery. There might be some Latin Americans in my ancestors... who knows? When I am among those people, it feels familiar, soothing, like home.

In October 2010, I registered for my first Spanish class at an adult high school in my town. My teacher, Veronica is from Guatemala. It is kind of ironic because one of my really good friends (who helps me practise the language) is also from that country. Our term ended before Christmas but I enjoyed it so much that I'll be taking the next level in February. :o)

My goal is to learn the present, , past and future tenses of commonly used verbs before classes resume in February. Verbs like ser, estar, comer, ir, caminar, poder, querer, etc... Since French is my native language, memorizing verbs should come naturally. There are more verb tenses in Spanish too!

These books will help immensely.

YES! The one on the left is ALL in Spanish!! How to conjugate verbs. The second book is in French and explains Spanish grammar and all the similarities to the French language and also all the exceptions and differences. I LOVE Becherelle! It demystifies it all for me.

La comida para mi alma!!


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