Thursday, 13 January 2011

A Mom's Reality Check

My son gave me a few tests for me to sign last night. I was pretty proud of him as his grades improved!

Reading through one of his tests on electricity, one question was "Describe what your day would be like if you had no electricity?" The one statement in his response that stood out was "My day would be boring as my Mom cleans all the time and my sister is locked in her room." Talk about a slap in the face. It's like "Wake up Mommy you got told!" in a sort of indirect way.

I stood there, stunned for a bit and really started questioning how much time I do spend with my little man. I sit at the table when he does his homework. We play card games, on a regular basis. Up until before the holidays, we went to the YMCA together and he worked out with me. This is something we will start again on my return to Mexico as my hips are screaming in pain at the moment. We watch movies but that is on a rare occasion as I am not a big t.v. person.

Admittedly, he does have a point. I don't sit very often at all at home after coming home from work at 5:15pm. There is dinner to make, dishes, homework, going to the gym, laundry, lunches and yes, SOME cleaning.

So, this evening while I force myself to actually sit and give myself a pedicure, we will have a little chat about how we can remedy his boredom or how I can, as his Mom, fulfill his need for me.

Remember the picture of the yarn I plan to take to Mexico? Substract a sock skein and replace by this Yvieknits skein. Luscious sock yarn which I plan to hopefully turn into this:

Clapotis from

While on the plane, I plan to knit some socks... just the plain socks from Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules book. The fibre is a self patterning yarn by S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes in the Raspberry print As a very very nervous flyer, I need something soothing and repetitive. Thank you Steph!

While on the beach I picked out this Grrlfriend market bag on Ravelry to knit and I am bringing the Bernat Handicrafter cotton in the bright Over The Rainbow shade.

I'm dreaming of Mexico...

Until next post!


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