Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Countdown to Mexico - 11 Days to go!!

Last night, I went through all my summer clothes and it was tough making decisions of what to bring and what to leave at home! So many to choose from!

Today I've been looking up luggage restrictions and what to pack.

Tonight, home pedicure and knitting! This will be soooooo nice!! Speaking of knitting, I am bringing these yarn goodies with me to Mexico. I plan to knit a market bag, some socks and I might just bring something else to cast on just for variety. :o)

I did not forget about my daily Spanish! I've been reading about grammar on the bus and I learned the verb SER in the present, past and future tenses. :o)

While imagining myself in Mexico, I was thinking up questions I might. I know the usual things but what if I want an extra towel? I usually use two towels for my shower... one for my hair and the other for the rest of my body. My guess for towel in Spanish is toalla... hmmm... let me look it up now.

Holy crap!! I was right! Toalla... so I would say something like Puedes traer una otra toalla por favor?

Like in French, there are so many different ways of saying things in Spanish and I am afraid to be rude when asking for something. Hopefully by adding "por favor" a lot, they will be nice to me. :o)

Bedtime! 6h00 am comes quickly...

Until next post...


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