Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Busy Weekend

Friday evening, my son swam at the YMCA while I watched him and knit. Then there was the marathon of taking down the tree and all the Christmas decorations. I succeeded! My living room is back to being spacious. No more high jumping over the couch to get to the ringing phone!

Saturday, after an early start of laundry, shovelling, cleaning and dishes, I brought the kids and their friends sledding. They had a blast and so did I because I had an hour to myself to keep cleaning! Once I picked up four red-nosed and blushing cheeky kids at the park to bring them home, I made hot chocolate with marshmallows and took out some sugar cookies from the freezer. I tried to find enough space on the heater for four hats, four pairs of mitts and snowpants to dry them off.

I worked on Carmela, the wonderful luscious burgundy cardigan which I vow to finish this week to wear in Kanata at my next knit meet-up. Yes, of course, I will post a pic soon enough!

Today, Sunday, we slept in. Then, the BF offered to take us to see a movie. Something I have not done in a while. We saw the 3:45pm showing of Tron, 3D. It was a good movie! Lots of action too! The kids really enjoyed it!

Mr. Pooch and Ms. Kitty relaxed at home.

Until next post...


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