Monday, 10 January 2011

12 Days Before We Leave for Mexico!!!

The temperature is getting colder here in Ottawa as it usually does in January but I'm getting the jitters about leaving on Saturday, Jan. 22 for Mexico! Maya Riviera for 8 days! The beach, the sun, the hours of endless knitting I will do!! Ahem.. oh yes, I am attending a wedding too while I am there. This is a first for me to attend a wedding down south!

What have I packed? NOTHING! I have bought shampoo and sunblock.

This evening, I'll be making a list of things to bring and go through all my summer clothes to pick out my outfits.

Tomorrow evening, I'll be doing a home pedicure for my feet and repeat it again next week. I'll be adding my nail polish on the Friday evening before I leave.

Wednesday, I'll be doing the summer clothes laundry.

Thursday, ironing of any summer clothes that may need it.

Friday, start a bag with my personal products, i.e. shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc...

For the next 11 nights, I'll be dreaming of this scene...

Until next post...


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