Wednesday, 12 January 2011

10 Days To Go for Mexico!!! Feel The Heat Baby!

I'm off schedule with my getting ready for Mexico. The pedicure was moved to this evening as I got wrapped up in laundry, cleaning and dishes, got lost in my yarn and then at 8pm a good movie was starting and I did not get the chance to set up my foot bath in front of the television before it began. With a steaming chai tea, I parked my behind on the rocking chair and picked up my knitting.

The movie was: Love's Enduring Promise which is the second movie in a series based on books written by Janette Oke.

Some people may think it as a lame movie but it's just what I needed... Simple love story in a historical time of early 1900s. Just reminded me of life's basics. Family, love, hard work... I have not sat to watch an entire movie on t.v. without falling asleep in a long time. Because it was a television movie, it had commercials which gave me the chance to run down to change loads of laundry, finish dishes and put away some clothes.

Immediately following my son's swimming lesson tonight, my pedicure awaits with my knitting. :o)

Hasta luego...


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