Tuesday, 8 December 2009

White Stuff...

It's official! The white stuff was still on the ground this morning. Forecasters say that a snow storm is arriving tomorrow and it should bring 15 cm of snow. My new shovel which I bought from Costco will come in really handy! I love shovelling... as long as it's not the kind of shovelling I did in the winter of 2007-2008... EEEEK!
Christmas has taken over my house in a big way. Not only is the tree hogging all the space in my living room, so are all the baked cookies in my freezer and the extra bags of shopping tucked away in the yarn. See? Yarn is also a good cover up for gifts! :o) My yarn stash has now grown and I'm the only one in the house to notice! :o)
I'm sitting on edge today as I left the dog outside of his crate in the house. I've been testing him and we left him loose at my boyfriend's house yesterday. No messes... nothing misplaced... he just sleeps in the entrance and waits for us to come home. The only difference is, the Christmas tree is up at my house... not at my boyfriend's house. I'll know soon enough this evening when I get home from the office.
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