Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Unexpected Cleaning Frenzy

Usually, I have some sort of weekly schedule to clean my house so that every room gets some kind of weekly dusting and cleaning. Then there are times when I feel my house is the dirtiest ever and go on a total freakish cleaning spree.

It all started yesterday evening when I noticed that my dog was shedding unusually large amounts of fur. Out came the brush and the dog to the garage where I brushed, and brushed and brushed. A plastic grocery bag was filled pretty quickly. Poor guy had dry skin too.

Then I took out the vacuum and went through every inch of the main floor and stairways and front entrance. Spots on the walls and base boards were noted so out came a rag and pail and the scrubbing began.

Of course, the couch was also covered and the dining room fabric chairs and my swivel rocking chair. Those sticky rollers are a God send! I rolled just about everything with it including my pants which were as black as the dog after I had brushed him!

After about three hours and a lot of sweating, I finally sat down at 11pm and felt much better! Tonight, I attack the bedrooms and upstairs washroom.

It's a good thing the pooch is so cute!

Today was another shopping day. Easy shopping. Yarn store. More gifts from me to me! :o)

Until next post...


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knitjo said...

Those are the best gifts. I went through a 20 minute clutter-busting venture on New Year's Eve, when we decided last minute to invite my in-laws at 6:30 for a 7:30 desert engagement. The dusting and vacuuming will happen this week, just because the cleaners return on Jan 14...