Monday, 21 December 2009

A Sunday of Treasures

This past Sunday, I attended a yarn swap/breakfast potluck with some knitting friends. You'll never guess what I got?
YES! It's a drop spindle and fiber! I am on the moon! This is a skill I have not yet learned but have been dreaming about for quite some time! I feel a new addiction coming. Litterally, I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it!

In addition, I came home with all this yarn!
Visualizing the blue yarn for baby boy cardigans and hats, the white cotton for lacy baby girl sun hats and the chunky wool in browns for a big needle scarf with matching mitts and hat.

I'm lagging behind in the baking department. Also, a friend at the yarn swap brought these mouth watering cranberry white chocolate bars. I am going to make those!! Tonight! I still have about 100 of those mini tourtière pockets to make. They are easy to do... just very time consuming.

The dog got an early Christmas present yesterday. I'm not sure if he's impressed about it though.

When I put it on the floor for him to lay on, he was very excited about it. He jumped on it immediately and layed down. But then he rolled over to get his tummy rubbed and rolled right off the darn thing! Now he won't go on it unless I ask him to and he is now very cautious about lying down on it. He is not relaxed about it. How can I make him realize that he needs to use it a lot to flatten it out? Funny dog! He's a real wuss... scared of a lot of things but I love him to pieces.

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