Friday, 18 December 2009

Shopping Frenzy!

Did I ever mention that I despise shopping? Unless it has to do with books or yarn, I cannot stand shopping. I have no patience for line-ups (which reminds me that I need to learn to knit and walk at the same time), crowds, rude people and overheating under my winter coat when it's cold.

This year, I have avoided malls. I have not made one single Christmas present purchase at a mall. The stores have all be out of the way stores or in my own little hometown with less people and line ups. I choose times where people are less likely to be out... early in the morning or just before closing time between 9pm and 10pm (because all the screaming kids are in bed... well... most of them who have parents with a schedule). Even between 5pm and 6pm is good because a lot of people are having or preparing dinner at home. :o)

Tonight is the first night I will be going in a mall. EEEEK! I have two stores to do. Two items only. Ordinarily, this should only take 30 minutes at most... right? With my luck, I'll be there for two hours stuck at the cash behind a person who has the items with no price tags. OR the item I am looking for is somehow not where it's supposed to be and then I have to run around the store to find a clerk to help me. Try finding a clerk during the holiday season. They are all needed urgently by someone else!

Now look what I'm up to tonight.

I'm going to enjoy my wrapping session while savoring a wonderful glass of wine and running downstairs to switch laundry loads and fold.

I used my newly bought Swifter last night. Not bad. The floors look nice and smell nice. I still needed to get the bucket and soapy water out to scrub the baseboards but at least my knees didn't suffer half as much by using the Swifter. :o)

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