Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Peace and New Year Planning

You know the first moments after a storm? When everyone sort of crawls out of their homes to assess the damage and talk to their neighbors? This the the state I'm in. The crazy shopping (mind you this year, shopping was easy), the endless hours of baking and cooking and cleaning and the wrapping and decorating are over. My living room has been taken over by new toys, crafts, books and chocolate and best of all my body has been basking in the peace of it all. :o)

My heart is singing and my needles are clicking. I'm on the last row of the hat to match the booties and I'm just about done sewing up the SENS sweater for my son. YES!

This means that I shall pick another WIP to finish. The one I shall pick is this one:

Now, I'm making it into a size small. A few extra pounds showed up on me lately and wonder if my bloated middle will stick out of it now. Hmmmm.... this should motivate me to lose the extra middle early in the new year. No reason not to... right?

Ahem... so this evening I will grocery shop with health and weight loss in mind. This would be a great time to challenge my daughter to a good game of Dance Dance Revolution on the PlayStation too! Loose some extra calories.

Once the lace up sweater completed, I shall dwelve into one of the two sweaters I have lined up for me.

This one:

Or this one:

I love them equally but due to my usually turtle pace in knitting, I believe I shall choose the second one as it should be completed by May or June 2010. :o) It is lacy and light for spring or early summer.

Happy knitting New Year to you all!

Until next post...


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