Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Last Minute Crunch

Well, I didn't bake last night. BAD! VEEEERRRYYY BAD!

We went shopping and got Jayk a new pet bed. His brother showed up last night and bought the other one for his dog. The new bed we bought has a removable, washable cover AND it's square and flat. :o) The pooch is so much happier now. He doesn't look like he's going to have an anxiety attack by lying down on it.

We shopped and shopped until 9:30pm.

Once we unloaded the car and had something to eat at home, it was 10:15pm. Too late for baking.

My boyfriend's brother came by with his girlfriend. We had not seen them in quite a while so it was really nice to spend time with them.

Back to the real emergency here... I am running out of time! No baking tonight as it's my boyfriend's office Christmas party. This leaves me tomorrow and the morning of the 24th for baking mini tourtières, finish decorating gingerbreak cookies, make one more dessert bar, wrap gifts, shop for food for the 24th and start preparing a few things in advance for the Reveillon. At least my shopping is done. Somehow, that doesn't really bring down my stress level. I believe I'll pull an all nighter on the night of the 23rd. Then I'll just sleep at the dinner table on Christmas Eve.

Knitting is definitely on the back burner for now. Mind you, while shopping for one of my daughter's presents, I got me this book:

I'm backwards... I know... I got At Knit's End... then The Secret Life of A Knitter and Things I Learned from Knitting and now this last one... well... one of her first ones, I think. :o) I'm happy... laughing by myself on the bus again. :o) She so captures the knitter in me... the sarcasm in me...

Gotta run... the stress is calling me....

Until next post...


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