Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Festive Lights, Pretty Bows and A Dog In A Santa Hat

I really enjoy the holidays. This warmth fills my heart at the sound of Christmas music and the sight of houses decorated with lights.

My daughter and I decorated sugar cookies last night. This evening, I will decorate the gingerbread ones with white royal icing. They'll be eaten on Christmas Eve and given away as presents.

My shopping is just about finished. I'll be wrapping up a storm on Friday evening.

I have to find some time to go through my yarn stash as we're having a yarn swap with a knitting group on Sunday morning. So, I'll be bringing lots of yarn as I really need to clean up the stash. I also want to make sure that every ball of yarn is stored away with a project in mind. It will take me quite some time.

Our pup Jayk is also in the Christmas spirit. Not too sure if he's impressed about it though. LOL!

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