Monday, 7 December 2009

The Christmas Spirit...

This time of year, for some reason, stresses me more than any other. Don't get me wrong! I enjoy Christmas time, the time spent with the family, the good food and watching the kids' faces as they unwrap presents. It's the getting ready for it that bugs me.

Shopping is not a hobby of mine unless it involves knitting books or yarn. Waiting in line at the cash requires a lot of patience and holding packages and knitting at the same time doesn't work very well. While in line, I feel like a beast waiting to pounce on the first crude person to try and sneak in front of me. Incredibly enough, there are many of those at this time of the year.

Baking... I LOVE to bake! You know how many knitters have a list of projects to finish by Christmas? I purposefully do not do that because of the baking issue. I always make about 6 kinds of cookies.... 6 dozen of every kind. By the time I finish with the cookie cutters and baking, I give up on decorating with icing (just like I did this past weekend). I'll decorate a little every night of the week so by next weekend, I'll be ready for the five double recipes of dessert bars. The following weekend after that? Meatpies! Once Christmas rolls around, I've just about had it with flour and dish soap. :o) It all is worth it when you see people savoring your home made goodies.

Unlike other years though, I am pretty much on schedule with shopping and baking. So much so that I've actually set aside a little time to whip up these little cuties:

Every year around October or November, I hit myself in the head for not knitting enough. One of my dreams is to actually have my knitted creations for sale at craft booths. So.... 2010 here I come! I have written down a list of small projects to knit in large amounts to get ready for that craft booth. Other knitters are joining me as well. 2010 will not be a year where I will be saying to myself "I wish I was selling at a craft booth".

Our dog Jayk is still the best dog in the world. We take him out almost everywhere we go. He came with us to watch the Santa Claus Parade on November 29. The firetrucks frightened him a little but once he saw all the dogs in the parade, his tail was wagging so hard that it made his butt wiggle. :o) Guess he never saw a horse before either because he didn't really know what to make of them.

Both kids are really excited for the holidays. Our Christmas tree is up as well as the outdoor Christmas lights. (I still have to bring all the Christmas decoration bins back to the basement though and our small living room is now very cramped with the 7' tall tree) My daughter will help me make dessert bars next weekend. My son will be performing in a Christmas concert next week.

Wishing you all a stress free December!

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