Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Christmas Concert

Yesterday evening, when I got home, I barely had a chance to make quick Kraft Dinner, make hot chocolate, bundle the kids with hot paw warmers in their boots and rush to the church for the annual outdoor school Christmas concert on the steps at the front of the church.

We froze our toes, but my son who was singing in the concert played in the snow with his friends and was warm as could be. He was the last one to sing. My daughter and I sneaked into the entrance of the post office to warm our toes for a few minutes.

It was worth it. The kids did a great job and so did the teachers with all their hard work in organizing the event. Many parents braved the cold to watch their sons and daughters star in the annual concert.

My son is the furthest to the right of the picture with the black hat showing under his Santa hat. His chin is hidden by the child in front of him.

This morning was -20 Celcius and -30 Celcius with the windchill! Talk about early January weather! This global warming is making me believe that winters are starting earlier and getting colder.

I'm off from work today as I brought the kids to a dental appointment this morning. This is the time for me to do some major pre-holiday cleaning. Someone kick me the butt so I can get going! I really need it! :o)

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knitjo said...

Hot paw warmers?! Do they work? I saw alpaca boot liners at Fiberfest last fall and I am in desperate need for something cozy in my new boots as my cotton socks absorb moisture and end up freezing my toes. Hot paws make boot warmers?!!! Where did you get them?!

Rodeogal said...

Jo, they are available at Canadian Tire. They are meant for the hands but we use them in our boots. I put them between two pairs of socks under my toes. They sell packs of 10 for $10. Hope the link works: