Monday, 16 November 2009

A Family Addition...

I've been long awaiting the day when a new family member would arrive in our home. After searching and searching for months, we've finally found him!

Introducing.... JAYK!!!! His name was Jake but my daughter decided to change the spelling to make him unique. He is a 3yr old black lab/golden retriever mix. He was surrendered by his owner to a rescue shelter.

We are so happy to have him with us! He is the most quiet, happy dog. He really setlled into our home quickly and the cat (Chassie) took only a week to realize that he's not so bad after all. Jayk gave Chassie her space and never chased her. He just watched her curiously and patiently while listening to my "stay" command.

After only two weeks, I wonder what this place would be without him. He never barks, sort of grumbles/howls to go outside, is always curled up in my tiny kitchen where I do much baking or behind my rocking chair where I sit and knit. He absolutely loves to go for walks and was not leash trained much when we got him. Jayk is very intelligent and no longer pulls on the leash and walks calmly beside me.

Gotta go... time for Jayk's walk.

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knitjo said...

Oh Kim, that's wonderful. Sounds like the puppy love--not knowing what life was like without him...;0)