Tuesday, 21 July 2009

News on Baby Nathan

Baby Nathan is doing extremely well. Two days after his birth, he had a surgery to install a temporary bag on his stomach. His next surgery will be when he is 8 weeks old. He went home with his Mom yesterday and other than the usual new Mom nerves, things are great.

Here are pics of him and his Mom at CHEO.

As for knitting, I am totally frustrated. My goal is to finish my aunt's socks and my son's sweater before August so that I can focus on the projects intended for me during my holidays.

Here is my timeline:

  • July 21 to July 31st - Finish Aunt's socks, Baby Layette and SENS sweater.

  • August 1st to August 10th - Finish lace front sweater for myself and a couple of dishcloths.

  • August 11th to August 16th - Finish my own socks.

  • August 17th to August 21st - Finish my own lace scarf.

  • August 22nd to August 30th - Start my daughter's socks, Cast on Decimal for myself.

  • Long weekend of September 4th to 7th - Cast on something for the man in my life.

This timeline of course will be among all the summer holiday activities we are planning with the kids. These include, going to a cottage for a few days, my son's birthday party, my big huge annual family reunion, Rockliffe Park for a picnic, the Navan Fair, Rideau Carleton Raceway. BUT all these places are made to bring my knitting along! :o)

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kate said...

So glad baby Nathan is doing so well! Lovely pics!
I haven't abandoned Sunday's, merely indulging in numerous weekend jaunts long overdue!
See you all soon, when I'm back in town!