Thursday, 9 July 2009

Aren't We In July????

This morning felt like September. 11 degrees! The sun is out now and the temperature is supposed to climb to 25 degrees. :o)

There was a first for me yesterday!! But before I tell you that story, here is my knitting progress... or NO progress is more like it!

Socks For My Aunt

After running out of yarn for my aunt's socks, I unravelled the pair and started over. I am now turning the heel of the first sock.

SENS Sweater

Just a bit of sewing to do.

Laced Front Sweater

No progress. Just the back started.

Baby Layette Set

No progress. Still booties to do and fast as the baby is here!

Scarf for Me

No progress. Halfway through.

My New Job!!

Monday, July 6th, I got a call from my sister-in-law at 4h50am. Her water had broke and she wanted me to go with her to the hospital. Wow! I had never taken part in a birth other than my own children. Calmly, I told her to see how things went at the hospital, get the epidural and then call me. It took me 14 hours for me to get to that point with my first child. I also needed to get to the office as I had a young student waiting for me to fill her day with work.

At the office, I read my emails, went through some things with the student, made a few calls and then the call comes from my sis-in-law's partner at 9h30am. "She's getting the epidural now and she really wants you to be there." Oh my GOD! That's fast! My heart started pounding... how was I to do this? The only experience I had was watching a gazillion re-runs of "A Baby Story" on TLC and of course giving birth to my own two children. I left the office and drove to the Montfort Hospital with sweaty palms.

At the hospital, all nerves were forgotten. She was relaxing with the epidural in place and had a big smile on her face. Funny how my instinct just took over and made me focus on the task at hand. By 12h30pm, she was fully dilated but the baby's head was turned sideways. The doctor advised to wait a little longer before pushing and let nature take its course. The baby was coming down the birth canal on his own. At 2h15pm, she started pushing and at 3h11pm Nathan was brought out into the world. I cried. She laughed and her boyfriend stood there in awe. :o)

The joy was short lived though. Once Nathan was checked by the pediatrician and nurse, they discovered he was born with a defect called imperforate anus. It means that the anus was never developed in utero. The little guy had to be rushed to CHEO.

My sister-in-law was already discharged from the hospital this morning to be able to join her baby boy. I'm anxiously awaiting news.

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