Friday, 8 May 2009

Hide Me Under A Blanket

This coming weekend is so packed with plans, I just want to go home and hide under a blanket and let the weekend go by.

  • Tonight only relaxing time before the rat race
  • Saturday morning - 9h30am road trip with my knitter friends
  • Saturday lunch - meet my aunt at M&M Meat Shops to have a burger lunch to support Chron's disease
  • Saturday dinner - possible bbq at friends' place
  • Saturday night - dancing at a bar for my boyfriend's brother's 40th birthday
  • Sunday morning - running to check out a house that my boyfriend's sister wants to buy
  • Sunday lunch - visit with boyfriend's Mom for Mother's Day
  • Sunday dinner - run back to my place to have dinner with kids
  • Sunday evening - visit with my Mom for Mother's Day.


On a less stressful level, I am making progress on my aunt's sock. I plan to bring it on my travels this weekend. Another great thing is that I started taking the bus again this week to get to the office and it gives me extra knitting time. :o) The SENS sweater and baby layette set will be worked on as well this weekend.

My mood is exceptional today... don't know if it's the fact that it is Friday, the sun is out or I'm really getting ahead on stuff at the office and today is a quiet day.

Until next post...


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