Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Today's forecast? Wind warnings! Maybe even some thunderstorms! We're expecting winds to gust up to 100km an hour. I was outside at 9h30am and winds were already picking up.

The pet shop trip with my daughter was short. When we arrived, we noticed that it closes at 5:30pm. They let us in to look at the animals quickly but no puppies were left to cuddle. :o(

We came home, had dinner and watched Dr. Phil together. It was a show about the Mother of Octuplets. I just believe the whole thing is ridiculous and being blown out of proportion. Let the woman be.

My daughter and I got a little knitting done last night. :o)

Wednesday means knitters in my dining room tonight! Maybe I'll have a brain again and remember to take out the camera. I had a bit of iron defficiency lately and since I have been on iron supplements, I feel more alert, less sleepy and groggy.

Until next post...


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