Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Second Hand Shop Treasure!

After work yesterday, my boyfriend and I made it out to a second hand shop because his brother had seen old hockey cards and decided to alert my hockey fanatic boyfriend. Therefore, my planned trip to Walmart to get storage bins for my yarn was slightly delayed. Boy! Was I happy! It did not take me long to figure out that there was no knitting needles there so I sauntered over to the books and didn't find any knitting ones (but found a great massage book! BONUS!) which brought me to the bag/purse section. Ah Ha!! Check it out!

My first pack sack type knitting bag! At $3.50, I couldn't leave it there.

Today's high is a sunny -3 celcius in our Nation's Capital! I'll take that over the -30 we had yesterday morning. :o)

Someone PLEASE remind me to take my camera out at my knit night tonight!! The problem is that I have so much fun entertaining, chatting and knitting that I forget to take pictures! LOL! I might have some for you tomorrow.

Back to work!

Until next post...


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