Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Post Workout

Last night's workout was great! I felt energized and healthy! 20 minutes on the eleptical cross trainer, 10 minutes on the exercise bike and 10 minutes of stretches, abs and squats. No sore muscles today which is probably due to the fact that I stretched before and after my workout. :o) From now on, at the end of every post, I will track my workout and weight. Hopefully within a couple of weeks, we should start to see some changes.

No worries! This is still my main knitting blog and my focus will always be knitting.

A new baby came into the world last Thursday. A little early, a little scary but healthy now. :o) My boyfriend's neighbor welcomed a 5lbs baby boy. He was a month early and Mom suffered from placenta previa. It was scary for Dad and big sister but both Mom and baby are healthy. What does a new baby mean? More knitting! The pattern is already picked out for the little guy. I'll make it so that he fits in it next fall. It is out of Knitty and called Trellis. Isn't it adorable????

We might get to meet the new arrival this evening. Both him and Mom are still in the hospital and depending on how he is doing, they may come home today.

I neglected to knit last night. Instead, I did my workout as soon as I came home, had dinner, watched a movie with my boyfriend and indulged in a glass of red wine. :o)

Fitness Diary

March 16th

Eleptical Cross Trainer - 20 minutes
Exercise bike - 10 minutes
Stretches, abs and squats - 10 minutes

Weight - 147lbs
Water - 31%
Fat - 28.5%

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