Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Perfect Combo

My boyfriend is a completely passionate hockey fan. He knows all the players, the rookies, even what player was drafted by what team! He can tell you all the latest rumors about trades. He never saw it coming... Gainey fires Guy Carbonneau as Montreal Canadiens coach. :o( We were both shocked! My son called me from his Dad's place and announced the news. My boyfriend frantically flicked channels on the television and stopped on the live press conference with Bob Gainey. In my opinion, they lost a great coach.

What makes knitting and hockey the perfect combo?

1 - you can still spend time with your boyfriend while watching the game on t.v. and knitting.

2 - You can bring your knitting to the game.

3 - You can use your knitting to warm yourself up on the bench of the hockey arena.

4 - You can knit a team logo on just about any project.

5 - Going to hockey practise at 6am doesn't seem so brutal if you have your knitting.

6 - You grin from ear to ear when your boyfriend announces that there are 3 back to back hockey games on t.v. More knitting time!

7 - Knitting your own hockey wearables is cheaper than buying it pre-made from the store. It's also original and durable!

Can you think of others??

The first sleeve of the SENS sweater is half completed. :o)

Tonight is Mom and daughter night. She has picked a trip to the pet shop as our activity.

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