Monday, 23 March 2009

On A Roll...

Can you imagine??? I have uploaded pictures and published posts. There are still quite a few left to upload but it's a start. :o) I'll be back at it on Wednesday evening. :o)

It's a hotel night again! Relax... no dinner, dishes, homework. Just knitting. I'm headed to Montreal for training by train. Two hours on the train with my yarn and needles! Yay! And then two hours on the way back tomorrow evening! My projects? The scarf on the train and the SENS sweater in the hotel room. As usual, I don't have my camera with me. :o( No pics of my knitting progress this evening.

My two vacation days with the kids were awesome! BF surprised me and joined us on Friday.


Got up very early (6h30am) and hogged the computer until 10am. We headed out for the 12h20pm showing of Marley and Me at 11h30am. It was a wonderful moving movie. If only someone had told me to bring a box of kleenex. All was fine... I wasn't going to cry... I just had the ball in my throat... very very painful ball in my throat and a lone tear had slid down my cheek. But then, a little girl sitting behind us started sobbing "IT'S SOOOOO SAAAAAAAD MOOOMMMMYYYY! Sniffle! Sniffle!". That it... I lost it... no kleenex... sniffling away and wiping the tears away with the back of my hand trying to be all casual about it. No one noticed... I think. :o)

Following the movie, we went to Pet Smart to pick up a new fish for my daughter. Sadly, her other ones never made it. So about six weeks ago, I cleaned out the tank, put in clean water, started up the air bubble filter and let it run. She happily adopted a male Beta fish and named him Kurt. He is so beautiful! I promise to post pictures soon.


Again, I got an early start to my morning and hogged the computer until Noon while doing laundry. Our plans were to go bowling in the afternoon. BF phoned and surprised me by telling me he had taken the day off and was joining us. It was the Rock N Bowl! Black lights and disco lights and blaring music. I was having a blast until I looked down at my red sweater and because of the black lights, all the white fuzz balls and my cat's white hair showed brightly for everyone to see. Frantically, I pulled at as many fuzz balls as I could. Finally, I gave up... what was I there for anyway? Stressing over fuzz balls or having fun bowling with the kids?

After four games of bowling and my muscles getting sore from all that squating to the floor, we head to a fast food (rare occasion) place, ate dinner and I immediately regretted it. My stomach felt awful!

Next stop was the Pet Smart again as I had forgotten to get vacation food for the Kurt man. We stayed there for quite a while admiring the birds, fish, reptiles, etc.

We were meeting up with my BF at a second hand store. I love those places. After two hours of browsing, I came out of there with a bunch of knitting needles, a book, books for my daughter and jeans for my son (I buys lots of jeans there for him as he wears through almost 10 pair in a year).


I slept in until 9h30am and then started packing as we were going to the west end of town to sleepover at BFs place for one night. The plans were to go out dancing with a friend while the kids watched movies with BF's sister. We ended up leaving by 11pm and had only two hours of dancing. Oh well, the kids didn't have a chance to miss me as they were in bed by the time I left.


We had a lazy morning in pj's (well a whole day in pj's) and had a big bacon and egg breakfast. We watched a movie and then the kids and I left in our pj's and went back home.

Back to work on Monday.

Until next post...


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