Monday, 16 March 2009

March Break Week

Both my kids are on March Break this week. They have a week of activities planned. I'll be joining them for a break on Thursday and Friday of this week. We are planning to see a movie and go bowling. :o)

Springtime is in the air. The weather is mild (3 degrees celcius) and sunny. The urge to go outside is much stronger.

Another sign that springtime is here is the urge to lose weight and exercise. I've set myself a goal to lose 13 lbs by May 15. To help me with this, I've found this really helpful site! SparkPeople gives you a menu plan which you can change at any time, tracks your goals, helps you with fitness and has forums for you to participate in. I have just dabbled a little in it so far and love it!

The SENS sweater has one completed sleeve now. While at the Knit Meet-up near my boyfriend's place, I knit like crazy.

I also started the other sleeve as well.

This evening I'll be doing a 30 minute workout on both the eleptycal cross-trainer and exercise bike (15 minutes on each). In addition, I plan to do a 10 minute stretch before my workout. This is part of my new fitness routine. When I am not at my boyfriend's, I'll be using the fitness dvd's at home.

This time, I will be sticking to this diet/fitness routine! I will start shopping for what I need for my menu plan tomorrow evening. Furthermore, I would like to use this blog to track my progress. I start this on Wednesday.

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