Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Startitis Meltdown!!

BBWWWAAAAA!!! I must be PMSing. There are all these wonderful looking patterns out there that knitters are working on and I SOOOOOOOOOOO want!!! Literally, I am drooling and feel butterflies in my stomach just by looking at them!!

First, there is a sweater called February Lady designed by Pam aka Flint Knits which is gorgeous! I don't like this color but Stephanie Pearl-McPhee spun her own colors for this sweater and it is absolutely GORGEOUS!

This means I have to learn how to spin! What am I thinking??? I could never get the same color way in a million years! DROOOOOOL!

Next on my drool list is Sylvi by Mary Muinonen. I mean, look at THIS!!!

RED!!! MY COLOR!! Isn't it just to DIE for????? Worst is, I have THAT yarn!!!

Knitters are working on amazing projects and by the time I get to knitting them I am SOOO behind in the times!

BWWAAAAAA!!! I WANT to start something NEW!!! Can I act like a two year old and throw myself on the floor, kick my feet and scream???? Or jump up and down, stiff as a board, wailing and sounding like a siren??? WAAAAAaaaaaAAAAAaaaa!!!

Until next post...


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