Monday, 9 February 2009

Kool-Aid and Wool

A new thread about Kool-Aid has come up in one of the Ravelry groups I belong to. This has always been something I've wanted to try and after a little research on the web, I discovered that this should be pretty easy to accomplish. My daughter is pretty excited in trying it out with me. :o) We'll go out tomorrow night and purchase the Kool-Aid and some vinegar. On my lunch hour, I will walk to my local downtown LYS and find me some white wool.

Looky here!!!

(picture CBC News Website)

The buses are back!! ... well... partly. My Express route is not scheduled to run until April. I may try and take the main route bus on Wednesday and see how it goes. If that route is too full, I shall take my car until the Express route starts up again. 5:30pm is the deadline for me to be at the daycare to pick up my son. That is not a time I can negotiate.

The refunds really frustrate me. They are really not fair about this. I have an Express Route EcoPass. This means that my bus pass fare comes out of my pay automatically every month. My Express Route is not scheduled to operate until April 6th. EcoPass holders are getting free service from now until the end of April where they will resume the monthly deductions from my pay. During the bus strike, my pass was paid from Dec. 9th to Jan. 31!! Almost two months with no buses!! Do the math... I get 3 weeks of free service because my bus is not running until April 6th and people using regular routes get a full refund! It isn't right!! I'm trying to find a place to voice my concerns on their website and I really don't see a place where I can do that. :o(

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