Friday, 20 February 2009


Honestly, this city has had its fair share of gridlock traffic lately.

1 - two month bus strike and living in the car approx. three to four hours daily

2 - Obama Day! Who had the bright idea to schedule his departure at the beginning of afternoon rush hour on a Senators' game night???? I spent 45 minutes on the same street! I mean, they could have kept the guy here for dinner or something! NoooOOOO! They had to block all the friggin' streets because apparently he drives on 10 streets at once to get to the airport!

3 - Gas leak! Yep... a main downtown street was blocked due to a gas leak. I just missed THAT one!! Good thing I'm in the office early! By 8:45am, streets were lined with cars, buses, trucks as far as the eye could see.

On the yarn front, Mom visited with me last night and brought her knitting. She was so frustrated with the lace socks she was knitting that she ended up bringing a super easy scarf she was making. A free pattern offered on the Boa yarn. She somehow managed to complicate that pattern as well. LOL! She said she was too much in a rush to get something started to bring on her trip to Cuba. Good luck Mom! Hope you figure out the super easy scarf! :o)

A measly two more inches and the back of the SENS sweater will be done! The sleeves will be casted on tonight. I'm knitting both at the same time because I'm too scared of ending up with different lengths!

This has been a looooong week and I can't wait to get in my car and drive!

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Anonymous said...

Go Sens Go!! (just a bit of encouragement for you, Rodeogal.)

I know what you mean about casting on both sleeves at the same time - I'm always paranoid about different lengths too -- probably because I suck at counting.

On the subject of the gas leak, I had lunch with a friend yesterday, and she was working in the same building as the one that was evacuated for the gas leak -- but in a different tower. They evacuated the affected tower and closed down all the streets for three blocks, but didn't bother evacuating HER tower. Apparently it was too dangerous to be on the roads, but being next door was perfectly safe. Go figure!