Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Dyeing Excitement!

How many times do you wish you were at home instead of at work? It doesn't happen too often for me but due to a couple of factors, today I wish I was.

First, Ottawa is expecting ice pellots and freezing rain for most of the day. School buses are cancelled and my kids are with their Dad. Usually this happens when they are with me.

Second, I am anxious as a child waiting to open presents! This evening will be the true test of dyeing wool with Kool-Aid.

Third, I feel like a jumping jelly bean at the office. Urgent demands, new responsibilities and procedures I have not dealt with to date. Frankly, I would rather have it this way as I am easily bored and crave new challenges all the time. Hence the reason I am a knitter and have the startitis disease (the uncontrollable urge to start something new) as The Yarn Harlot puts it.

I will post about my Kool-Aid dyeing experiment tomorrow. :o)


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