Thursday, 15 January 2009

How Dare Mother Nature Interfere with my Knit Night!

The artic air hit this city yesterday and it's brutal! It is definitely cold when after running your car for 15 minutes, it's still not warm! The roads were icy and full of accidents. Yesterday, our high temperature was -22 degrees celcius. Our high today will be -19 degrees celcius. BRRRRRRR!

It was so cold last night that none of my knitters showed up! I knitted solo on the Poonam sweater and watched t.v. until I fell asleep with my knitting on my lap at 10pm.

Sad news on the fish front... we lost all of our fish. :o( My daughter and I will clean our the aquarium, fill it with fresh water and then wait approx. 3 weeks before putting any fish in there. We'll see how it goes from there.

The usual routine starts again with laundry, packing and getting ready to go to Kanata. No activities tonight or places to go... laundry, knitting and packing. :o)

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