Friday, 7 November 2008

November Summer????

Ottawa has been getting unseason like warm temperatures this week! Sunny and 17 degrees today! In November!!!! I am totally not a winter person and this suits me just FINE! :o)

My week has been a whirlwind. Travel, catching up at work, running to indoor soccer for my son... It was a good week though. :o)

The SENS sweater is on my knitting agenda tonight while watching a movie with my BF. We are renting Swing Vote... the Kevin Costner movie I wanted to see in August but never got a chance to. It is out as a rental now and I can't wait to see it. I am a BIG Kostner fan!! A collar will be added to the SENS sweater design (Yes, I design as I go along). After looking at various styles of collars, I picked a nice loose ribbed collar because my son cannot stand anything touching his neck too much. This evening will be grueling math as I knit. I am also contemplating a zipped collar so he has the choice of wearing it up or down.

Tomorrow, sadly, I need to come into the office. My two days spent in Toronto put me a little behind on things. But hey! This is the first time at this job that I come in on a weekend. Much improvement from the last one! :o)

Yesterday morning while at the office, I got a scary call from my daughter who was crying on the line. She leaves the house much later than I do to go to school. She had picked up her school bag in the entrance to then run out and catch the bus when her neck cramped and she was not able to turn her head. She was in a lot of pain and scared. Thankfully, after a quick trip to the clinic and advice from the doctor to treat it with heat, she was much better yesterday evening.

Well... off I go. I'll blog again soon this weekend with my knitting progress.

Until next post...


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