Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow....

As I have mentioned countless times in this blog, I am NOT a fan of winter. The white stuff is on the ground this morning. Traffic was no issue though as I took the bus. Or maybe it's the fact that we got so much snow last year that Ottawa drivers are now experts in maneuvering a car in snow.

Within minutes of me being in the office, people started asking about other people's Christmas traditions. It was nice to hear everyone's special moments and memories at this time of year. I am happy to report that I am in unusually good Christmas Spirits. Or it could be the fact that I did some Christmas shopping last night.

I saw the new baby yesterday evening. Nina is a happy new Mom and her baby boy (yet to be named) is adorable. A flood of memories came rushing back when I held him. Those little sounds newborns make! You forget so quickly!

The planned sweater I will knit for him will be swatched tomorrow evening. The yarn was bought a while ago. Dale Baby Ull in a natural color. Perfect for the Poonam Sweater!!

The good thing is, I have Friday off… Thank God for PD days. :o) So technically, I can get a huge head start on knitting this little thing. I will stay up late on Thursday evening and clean my house so that the weekend is spent knitting (and putting up the Christmas tree, Christmas lights and going to the Santa Claus parade as I promised the kids… hmmmm… manageable).

I am a slow knitter… I take joy in every stitch and despise rushing to finish anything. If a project stresses me out, my motivation to work on it practically disappears.

The other good thing is I LOOOOVE starting a new project! :o)

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