Monday, 28 July 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

This past weekend was packed with fun AND KNITTTING!!!!

Friday evening, I picked up my daughter at her Dad's place and we headed home. I had not even stepped out of the car and she popped a gift bag in front of me and demanded that I open it immediately! LOL! My birthday is not until July 29, but my daughter will not be with me on that day. It was out of the question that I wait until THE day to open it! She is so creative! The gift bag was decorated with a party hat, streamers and those long thingies you blow in and they roll out. Check it out!!

And yes, I am not ashamed to say I am turning the big FOUR-OH this year. When I was thirty, I thought I would freak out when I did turn 40 but oddly enough, I don't even feel any older! I can keep up with my kids, I can still dance the night away until 2am, stay up until 3am to knit a last minute project, run like a maniac all day to plan an event, and multitask (talk on the phone while cooking, keeping an eye on the kids, doing dishes and watching t.v.), and pack for a camping trip in record time!

Back to the gift opening... I pulled out a cloth bag and inside was a scroll of paper. It was a gift certificate the Cedar Shades Campground!!! Woohoo! What a thoughtful daughter I have! She knew I was planning a camping trip with them and she got me a free night at the campground. This place is not far from where we live but has everything the kids could ask for. My priority was for the kids to have activities and fun. I hit the jackpot with this spot! They have bingo for kids, treasure hunts, bike rallies, an amazing man made lake, arcade place, etc... I can bring my knitting and relax while they have fun!

What a sweetie my daughter is!

After the gift opening, we packed our stuff and headed to my BF's place in Kanata. Once there, we watched a movie and then headed to bed.

Saturday was a great day! We started it off with a matinée viewing of Mama Mia. It was HILARIOUS! I totally recommend this movie! I love ABBA music... I grew up with it! Mom used to play ABBA while cleaning every Saturday morning. My sisters and I used to know all the words to the songs and pretend to be ABBA and perform for our relatives.

We finished off the day with shopping (great summer clearance sales!) and a stop at a place called Kravings café in Kanata, ON. Oh the sinful, delectable desserts and coffee! Steep in price but well worth it.

Last stop was my LYS! I picked up some free acrylic yarn to participate in an all day knitting event at Yarn Forward in Kanata on Thursday evening. The yarn was donated to the store so that knitters could knit hats, mitts and scarves for the Sheppards of Good Hope charity. I started knitting a scarf yesterday and will be knitting on like crazy tonight. As I am not a fast knitter, I wanted to get as much done in advance because I do want to finish something to donate. The event is also in Memoriam of a knitter/young mother who was killed in a tragic car accident. I only unravelled the beginnings of a scarf three times on Sunday.

Sunday evening, we went to the horse races! That was totally awesome!!! I kept my betting to minimums and chose the right horses and came out of there with $14 out of my $60 which was bet through 15 races. So, including ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate and a chocolate bar (this is split between my daughter, my BF and I) it cost me $46 for a five hour outing! Pretty reasonable if you ask me!! :o)

What's on tonight??? You guessed it! KNITTING! I apologized to my BF in advance... I'll be holding my needles and yarn more than I'll be holding him.

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