Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Soccer and Knitting - A total Disaster! LOL!

Soccer preps:

At 4:30pm, I drove like a maniac from the city to my hometown (45 min. drive), stopped to gas up the car and flew home. Once there, I peed, fed and petted the cat, ran upstairs to get a warm sweater for both myself and my son, got something to munch on for me and my son, got cold water bottles for my daughter and diet pepsi for me, grabbed the camera and my knitting, made sure the camping chairs were in the trunk of my car and I was off again.

It is now 5:30pm and I am speeding over to pick up my kids from a farm where my daughter rides. Once there, I noticed my daughter had not changed in her soccer outfit and I was still a good 10 minute drive away from the soccer field. Rushing is NOT my thing. Frowning at her, I asked her why she was not in her outfit. "It's ok Mom, I'll change in the car" Ahem... I said to myself, no it's NOT okay but we were too much in a rush to argue.

As I am driving like bat outta hell again, from the back seat comes "MOM!!! I DON'T HAVE MY SOCCER JERSEY!!!!" Pulling the car to a stop, I ask "What do you mean you don't have your jersey???" She just looks at me and shrugs. At the price of gas, I am NOT willing at this point to drive back home and back out again. To heck with it! "We're going back home and that's it!" Then comes the "But MOM!!!!" To which I say "Listen young lady... I asked you to pack your soccer outfit yesterday evening and put it by the door. You should check in the bag what you have packed. This is not the first time I go running around for forgotten things. Mom is not a bank..." and blah blah! The point is, she is soon to be 13. My repeating and reminders to her go on deaf ears. Lucky for her, I drove by her father's place which is two minutes from where we were and low and behold!!!! She found her jersey!!

The game:

Just as soon as I parked the car at the school, where her game was being held, she scrambled out of the car yelling "BYE!" and ran to the field which is quite the hike, if you ask me. Packed like a mule a few minutes later with chairs, knitting bag, camera, sweater and food I headed to the field with my son in tow.

Once settled, I munched a bit and drank my diet pepsi then took out my camera to take a couple of pictures of my forgetful star player as they were starting the game. Scanning the field, I noticed she was not out there... hmmm... I check the extra players beside the coach and no daughter. Weird. I must have missed her on the field with all of the players twice as tall as she. So I scanned the field a little more slowly confirming no Number 4 on the field. My heart was pumping a little faster now and I stood up, thinking I could see better. Then I hear the coach hollering "Pick up the ball M______!!!!" I was looking frantically all over and could not see her... again the coach yelled "Run to it and pick it up M_______!!!!" Well low and behold! Running up to the ball in another colored jersey was my daughter. She was the goalie!!! I never saw her goaltend before so it did not even dawn on me to look in front of the net! Whew! Relief! Here is my star goaltender.

Oh lookie here!!! Big grey clouds... hmmm... are my umbrellas in the car?

Just as I put the camera back in my bag it hits. Torrential downpour! The only thing I had to save me was my chair and I flipped it over and onto my head. My son came running from the play structures and did the same with his chair. 3 or 4 minutes later and my pants a little soaked on the bottom, it stopped. I flipped my chair back and sat on it. My knitting bag, purse and camera bag did not fare so well... they were all soaked! :o( Good thing my knitting bag has a lining and it didn't get wet.

My little goalie let a goal in during the downpour as the rain got in her eye glasses and she couldn't see! Poor kid!

No sooner that I take my knitting out, it hit again! Cramming the knitting back in the bag I stood up with my chair on my head. I then noticed that it was fast becoming a trend among other parents with no cover! LOL! This time was not good. I was drenched as a gust of wind accompanied the rain. Giving up and shivering, I packed my things and headed for the car to warm up. This is what my pants looked like. Notice the darker side of my left leg? That is wet!

The lawn had just been mowed and my feet were camouflaged in grass clippings!

They still won their game. :o) What an evening! I finished it off by getting the kids in a nice warm bath and myself into dry clothes with a nice hot tea at home.

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