Friday, 11 July 2008

Night of the Bs!

B for Beer
B for Bands
B for Blues
B for Black Crowes

Bluesfest is on in Ottawa and BF and I took in some of the action last night. We absolutely enjoyed the band Three Days Grace... they were awesome and got the crowd involved. My excitement was dashed when the band I really wanted to see, The Black Crowes, played. They never addressed the crowd and only played one of their old hits "Twice As Hard". They did play an amazing harmonica piece that got fans dancing.

Next year, I plan on attending more than once. Aikon is set to play Saturday evening, but unfortunately, I am not able to go. The kids would have enjoyed him.

Knitting will resume tonight while I do laundry. The swatch for my little sweater design needs to be redone and I need to make progress on the Sens sweater.

Tomorrow's B word? Beach! My daughter and I will be relaxing on the sand, with cool drinks, books and knitting. :o) The weather is supposed to be hot hot hot!

Until next post...


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