Sunday, 6 July 2008

My first attempt at designing... :o)

After being at the office all afternoon, I figured it's time for me to dip my hands into designing. Ideas are swirling around my head like mad and I have purchased the yarn to design a toddler (girl) Christmas sweater.

Here is my first draft sketch of it along with notes of what stitches are to be used. It is very useful when you have kids and have access to coloured pencils.

The next step is my swatch. I had bought a size two top just to gage the measurement of my sweater.

The yarn is Bernat Satin Sport and an eyelash yarn...

I chose the Horizontal Herringbone Stitch for the border after the fur but when I was knitting it, it didn't look right. It came out looking like something else, but still very nice! So it is a variation of the stitch and this is what it looks like.

I then proceeded to knit the stockinette stitch and I don't know if it's the cheap yarn or the fact that the herringbone stitch has no give compared to the stockinette stitch... but it don't look right... I think I'll use smaller needles for the stockinette stitch and see what that gives.

I need the stockinette stitch in there as I want a snowflake in the front of the sweater.

No doubt there will be starting over parts a gazillion times and frustrations but I love the challenge! By Christmas, I should have a creation of my own. This is soooooooo exciting! I have dreamt of this for quite some time and I am itching for this project to be finished.

The real fun begins!!

Until next post...


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